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A big, warm, heaping plate of googlies

It’s been a busy week with a heavy workload that I still haven’t quite managed to unload, so in lieu of a post that will actually require brain exertion, here come a few tasty morsels from my current stash of googlies.

~ Apparently some people out there have odd ideas about water parks:

water parks get you naked (who knew? – USA)

pictures of naked people on water slides (sexy! – Canada)

~ Some people have odd ideas about YT:

alda kalda prison reykjavik (heheheh. Be afraid.– USA)

~ Some had the right idea about The Iceland Weather Report:

weather report monologue (you’ve come to the right place! – Australia)

a place to help people on poems about the weather (ehhm, ok, if you say so. – US)

days of sunshine in iceland sad (wery wery sad. We think so too. – Brentwood Bay, BC)

~ Some were quite exasperated:

recent weather reports that are serious (oh, as opposed to the inane drivel you find here? – New York, NY)

~ Some should have paid more attention in English class:

what are important of this place called iceland? (gee, we not know either important of this place – Virgin Islands)

unusual things that has before been in iceland (not before there has been unusual things there! – Hendersonville, North Carolina)

~ The pervs and weirdoes came knocking, as usual:

spanking the weather girl (ooh, matron! Addison, Illinois)

porno a dog to remember (! –Mussomelim, Sicily)

maturing penis pictures (in real time, or …? – US)

sex sex sex sex iceland (okay, we got it the first time – Libya, Africa)

photos of girl’s bare asses (one girl, many asses. Life’s a bitch. – Williamsport, Ohio)

naked icelandic nudity photos (they have to be naked, though. The photos. – Brooklyn, NY)

~ Some people were doing their Nicelandic research:

blowjob in iceland (always good to have an idea of the services on offer. – Biggar, South Lanarkshire)

is it common in iceland to have sex (no – that’s why the population is only 300,000. – UK)

iceland frozen foods casting agency (in case you need frozen food in your next feature. –Farnham, UK)

how i read my iceland visa (useful to know before you travel. – Spain)

~ Some had some very genuine concerns:

how to make panties into thongs (cut in a semi-circle along the back, up towards the waist. –Boynton Beach, Florida)

how to have a good time in bed with your boyfriend (didn’t yours come with a manual? – Des Moines, Iowa)

plumber stole panties (sigh. it’s so hard to get good help these days. – Mahopac, NY)

~ And the rest:

balcony puke (Sweden)

rational self cking (Budapest, Hungary)

The sun has just appeared for the first time in days, so if you’ll excuse me I have to go stare out the window. After all, we have to grab all the daylight we can get right around now. Currently 7°C [41F] and the sun came up at
8:41 am, and is due to go down at 5.42 pm.