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A post about the weather, of all things…

Wind and sky

It’s been pretty windy and miserable these last few days. This photo was taken a few days ago out at the golf course where I like to imbibe my daily dose of fresh air … you can’t really tell, but it was so windy that in some gusts I had a hard time keeping my feet planted on the ground.
Was hoping to get a shot of the imposing waves that came crashing in, but with the combination of wind and sun in this particular direction, it took all I had just to get the camera out, point, and shoot blindly. Which is why I did not get imposing waves, but rather imposing sky.

Meanwhile, yesterday was terrible – one of those few days a year where you’re better off hibernating under the duvet with a hot water bottle and a book. The wind was intense, blowing cold arctic air from the north, and killer windchill. Today we had similar temps, but with a little less wind, and once again I found myself strolling the perimiter of the golf course with iPod and camera. Mt. Esja looked amazing in the distance, all dressed in winter garb. In fact, this is about as white as it’s been all winter.

Snow covered Mt. Esja

Meanwhile, YT is in the midst of a vertíð – an Icelandic word literally meaning ‘fishing season’ but actually meaning ‘a period where fish is in abundance and you slave away because if you don’t get the fish gutted and processed and salted NOW it will go bad and you’ll lose a lot of money’. In later years the term has been extended to include other sectors, like for example the freelance writing, translating and copyediting sector, of which our YT is a member. In other words, this is the time of year when all the corporations have to get their annual reports out [in English], when the tourist industry needs to get its promo material out, when the publishing industry needs to get its tourist books out, when museums need to renew their exhibitions, when the universities need to get their prospectuses out, and so on and so forth. Temperatures right now are -3°C [27F] and feel like -3°C. Sunrise today was at 7.33 and sunset at 19.39.

[PS Apologies to the Bloglines people for the endless tweaks – Blogger just would not give me that space between the title and the photo!]



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