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A soppy engagement story

Here’s a heartwarming story from the back page of Morgunbladid today: this young Swiss couple got their rented vehicle stuck in the middle of the Krossá river in Þórsmörk last Sunday [Þórsmörk is one of Iceland’s most incredibly beautiful locations, but you have to cross rivers to get there and they can be treacherous … cannot be crossed by a normal family vehicle, for example]. So while the park wardens were on their way out there on a tractor to pull them out the couple were inside the car with water up to their armpits and waves splashing over it so they didn’t know if they were fully submerged or not. And the girl was trying her best to save their valuables and couldn’t understand why the guy was most concerned about his jacket, until this little box comes floating out of the jacket and the guy grabs it, and it has a ring inside. He asks her to marry him and they think this is it for them, so she says she’ll marry him if he saves them. And at that point, the wardens showed up on the tractor and pulled them ashore.


So that evening a huge barbecue was held in their honour and they were offered luxury accommodation [at least when compared to a tent] in the hut on the site, as they are probably the first people ever to get engaged in the middle of Krossá. THE END.

And on my way over to Þórsmörk, because the weather is fabulous and it is possibly the most amazingly gorgeous place in the world when it’s like that [and even when it’s not]. We’re in for more sunshine over the coming days and now EPI and I are both officially on holiday and we shall have to see what we do with it. Ah, this is the life! No pressure, no stress. Currently sunny with some clouds, and 16°C [61F]. Sunrise was at
3:34 am and sunset due for 11.30 pm.