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A tremendously interesting post about DNS servers

So after not being able to log on to the Weather Report for two consecutive days, I now have a new hero: Joseph from the last comment thread, who actually went to the trouble of taking screenshots from his PC and sending me in order to demonstrate how I could fix the problem. This worked like a charm and the Weather Report is now up and running on my laptop. Huzzah!!

I’ve had an intensely busy day, but I did take the time to fire off an email to my domain registrar to ask if they could puh-leeze explain what was going on, as it appeared that everybody could see my site except me and my dear father, who called this morning to inform me of this unhappy coincidence. The email to the domain registrar went something like this: “Everybody can see my site except me and my father, do you think this is genetic?” Their answer, bizarrely, was not about genetics at all but rather about how DNS servers the world over needed to pick up on the change and this sometimes took 72 hours [a period of time that has been getting progressively longer, the longer I wait – their initial reply was ‘most DNS servers pick up on the change within the hour’. Pfft, yeah! Most except MINE!].

So anyway, in keeping with my motto Why mess things up a little when you can mess things up a lot I’m going to pull the name server stunt again this weekend – i.e. attempt to move my website to the other service provider. I figure it’s as good a time as any as most people in the West European Hemisphere will be off for a long holiday weekend which should mean that dissatisfied readers will be 50% fewer than normal. See? I’m a mathematical wizard, not to mention gracious and considerate.

Anyway, so much time and energy has gone into this dastardly business that all the great blog posts I had lined up have gone unwritten. Including the one in which I tell you all about Big Blogger, a fantabulous effort first launched by my good blogpal Timbo [and cohort] two years ago, and now being repeated. As you may surmise, it’s a blog version of Big Brother, which it just so happens is about the only reality TV show that has not spawned a Nicelandic version, so I’ve not actually seen a whole episode. But it promises to be good, so check it out!

It has been freezing cold for about the last week, and in the past few of days we’ve seen a fair amount of snow [!] and regular spates of hail – in fact there was one just a minute ago. Bizarrely, these frequently happen while the sun is still out. The general populace is severely disgruntled about this, particularly as May is normally known for being a ‘good month’ weather-wise. Here’s hoping this is a sign of a great summer. Temps right now 7°C according to Yahoo Weather [I don’t believe it, though] and sunrise was at 3:49 am, sunset due for 11:02 pm.