Hi. My name is Alda Sigmundsdóttir. Some of you may know me as Alda Kalda or YT. I run my own business that provides writing, translating and consulting services. I’m also finishing up a degree in English and Ethnology at the University of Iceland.

I currently live in Reykjavík. I have also lived in Canada, Cyprus, the UK and Germany, for longer or shorter periods. I moved back to Iceland as a single mom in 1994, after 22 years away, and have been here ever since. It was probably the best move of my life.

I started this website as a blog in October 2004. The title is a throwback to a daily column I used to co-write for the Iceland Review publishing house when I first moved back to Iceland, the story of which you can read more about here.

When the Icelandic economy melted down in 2008 I started chronicling all that was happening on my blog, and it became one of the few sources of information out of Iceland that was in English. After a while I was getting a constant stream of interview requests and various types of enquiries from people and media the world over, which was really fun at first but which quickly became unsustainable. I subsequently moved the blog to a Facebook page, which is still very much active.

I have just published a novel called Unraveled, which is set against the backdrop of the economic meltdown in Iceland. I have also published two e-Books, Living Inside the Meltdown and The Little Book of the Icelanders. The Little Book was released in July 2012 by Icelandic publisher Forlagið and went straight to the Icelandic bestseller list where it stayed for the rest of the summer. In addition I have published a book of translations of Icelandic folk legends.

I have another website, which details a bit more about my work and writing. I also blog on that site, about things that are not especially related to Iceland.

I am married to the kindest, funniest man in the world, and have one daughter, three stepdaughters, and two step-grandsons. They are all completely gorgeous.

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