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Always dreamed of owning your very own Icelandic sheep but just couldn’t find a place for it out on the balcony? Well, now you can, thanks to kindur.is, which allows you to either adopt or purchase a sheep [aka kind] on an Icelandic farm, name it, choose a ram for breeding, utilize the wool from it and, if you so choose, have the meat from its little lambs processed and sent to you every autumn [sniff]. Although presumably you have to be within Iceland to make use of that last option.

Isn’t that just the most ingenious idea you’ve ever heard? After all, adopting children through the SOS programme or UNICEF is just so passé, and anyway, they don’t produce any wool.

Seriously though, I think this kindur.is a brilliant concept. It works like this: you go online and choose your sheep and whether you merely want to adopt, or whether you would like to buy. If you adopt a sheep you get a Christmas card with your meh-meh on it, which provides details of what it’s been up to over the year [… grazing, and, um … grazing], you get access to the farm that fosters your sheep and are allowed to visit it five or six times a year [note the set limit – not sure the farmer would think it’s a great idea if you were there every day, gazing lovingly at your sheep out in the meadow], and for a nominal fee you get the wool from your sheep when it’s been sheared and can have it sent for processing, which would eventually mean the delivery of a pair of mitts, or a scarf, or a hat, to your very own doorstep. Or even all three, if you have a large sheep.

Meanwhile, if you purchase a sheep, you can pick out the one you want from an online catalogue, give it a name [although you may have to have it approved by the Naming Committee – no ‘Lucifers’ please], visit it five or six times a year, and during an open house day at the farm you can pick out a suitable mate for your sheep and then, come autumn, get the products from their, um, offspring sent home. For a nominal fee you can have the wool processed, as above, and for an additional nominal fee you can have your sheep inseminated by the ram of your choice, picked from a register that lists all of Iceland’s hottest ram studs, yowsa [for those who want only the best for their Elsie]. Also, you can have your meat processed the way you want it, e.g. smoked, and also the sheepskin processed to make rugs, gloves, hats, and so on.

Apparently this venture has been met with resounding enthusiasm and sheep farmers nationwide have really taken to the idea. Meanwhile, EPI and YT are still deliberating on whether to adopt, or whether to try and produce our own. Stay tuned.

ADDENDUM: Hlédís, who owns kindur.is, has written a comment in the comments box, explaining about the English-language version of her site, and more.

It starts to snow again. Met my neighbour outside this morning while clearing the snow off the car and we both agreed that we were getting more than a little weary of this. I mean, what’s all this about global warming, and why can’t we have some? Currently 1°C [34F] and the sun came up at 9.08 and will set at 6.16 this evening.



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  • Nicholas April 14, 2010, 5:05 pm

    Do you have the link to the english version of her site?