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Okay, so we have a new government coalition happening here in Niceland and yes, one is Very Pleased Indeed. They dissolved the 12-year coalition between the Parties Progressive and Independence yesterday, and we’re now looking at a coalition between the Social Democratic Alliance and the Independence Party. This, to many people, is the ideal coalition – the two largest parties that hitherto have been in harsh opposition but which may actually do some excellent work when they pool their resources. The IP is known for its financial management and the SDA for its socialist leanings and – happily – reluctance to sell out our beautiful nature to evil corporate aluminium giants, so this may actually be a most perfect marriage. Here’s hoping. Huzzah!

Enough about politics and on to more pressing matters.

EPI’s daughter, a.k.a. Barbie, is going to NYC next week carrying a lengthy shopping list for our YT. Destination? American Apparel, of course. I’ve been hard at work composing my list, so far I’ve picked two of these, one of these, one of these and one of these. Oh, and I think I’ll have to have one of these, as well. I know – I’m showing admirable restraint, but only because I don’t want the poor girl to use up all her baggage allowance. Plus AAH is going to NYC to visit her friend later this summer and will also be recruited as a mule. Who needs FedEx when you have children?

Gorgeous today, only rather dampened by killer windchill. Dragged AAH out to the golf course with me for a walk [no small feat – some serious teenage inertia happening] and unsurprisingly it was freezing as is probably the windiest part of the Greater Reykjavík Area. Sometimes I don’t know why we insist on living in this wind ass* of a neighbourhood – although it does have it redeeming features, one of which is the gorgeous sunsets in the west. Temps went up to 11°C and are now down to 4°C [39F]. Sunrise at 4:05 am and sunset at 10:46 pm.

*Nicelandic saying – rokrassgat.



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