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And the 2007 East Bloc Shopping Award goes to … IKEA!

Spent the weekend painting my little home office, with the intention of giving it a minor overhaul at the same time. Nothing drastic: just a couple of shelves, a set of glass doors for the bookshelf, a magnetic whiteboard for notes and things.

So EPI and I head out to IKEA this afternoon. In addition to the above, I wanted to get a sundry of things for the house – basic stuff like a breadbox, new hanging rack for dish towels, rubbish bin for the bathroom, ceramic knobs for our dresser. And you know what? They were out of practically everything. Glass doors for the bookshelf? Out. Magnetic whiteboard? Out. Hanging rack for towels? Out. Ceramic knobs? Out. Breadbox? Out.

We saw a shoe cabinet and mirror we thought we’d get for our vestibule. Shoe cabinet – got lucky and scored the last one. Mirror? Out. Candles? They only had yellow and red. Candles!The basic fundamental reason for IKEA to exist – and they only have yellow and red. And only a few packs of each, at that. Sheesh!

I have to say, I am much put out. Because sadly, this was not an isolated incident but has become the norm when we go shopping at IKEA. They’ve got this new mammoth store on the outskirts of town, meaning we have to drive twice as long to get there, and when we do there’s hardly anything in it. Lots of things on display, but nothing on the shelves. In fact – yes – they’ve just beat out stupid old Krónan for the Icelandic East Bloc Shopping Award. What a feat!

… Because I was cooped up all weekend, obviously. Had it been excellent I would have been jonesing to be outside, but since there was rain and wind and a general damp chill I was happy to be puttering around inside, slapping paint on walls and getting rid of rubbish that had accumulated on my shelves. The things you keep, for no good reason … the mind just boggles! I read an interview with some woman in the paper this weekend, who was talking about redecorating her house, and how she and her husband had gone through their bookshelves and taken each book, and if neither of them had any sort of emotional connection to it, into a box it went and then directly to the Red Cross. I lived by those woman’s words this weekend, and oh, how good it felt! Getting rid of all that dusty old energy. Time to make space for the new, oh yes. Currently 5°C, [41F], cloudy, sun came up at 8:13 am and set at 6:12 pm.