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Anyone have a spare indictment lying around?

I’m taking my translator’s certification exam next week and have been doing a bit of studying. Have discovered that I’m feeling pretty confident when it comes to the specialized employment contracts, the various nuances of the EFTA agreement, various bilateral treaties, the diverse aspects of the banking industry, the global warming reports, the Competition Authority appeals, etcetera etcetera.

I’ve also discovered that my legalese sucks.

Hence I’ve been trying to track down an example of an indictment in English. One that goes something like this: INDICTMENT. THE NATIONAL COMMISSIONER OF POLICE makes known: that public proceedings shall be initiated at the XXX District Court against …………………….. and so on. I’m not sure of the exact wording [that’s the problem] but it would be something of that nature.

Anyone? It would really help me out.

A little less frost, mind. It hovered around the freezing mark today [more sub than super, though] but it was still pretty windy. My enthusiasm for ‘a proper winter’ is waning fast, I tell you. Read in the paper today that trips to southern climes are selling like hotcakes these days [silly expression – whoever heard of selling hotcakes?] as Nicelanders are increasingly exasperated with the cold. I’d hop on a flight in a minute if I could spare the time – and the dosh. Never mind: we’re going to Berlin next month, where it is ALWAYS super warm and sunny in the middle of March. Right now we have exactly 0°C [32F], the sun came up at 9.57 am and set at 5.27 pm. And now if you’ll excuse me I must drink about ten litres of water, then go vegetate in front of the television because: it’s Eat Salted Lamb and Split Pea Soup Until You Burst day!