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Back-at-home blues

I’ve spent the last three days being jet-lagged … it’s amazing how much more difficult it is to go from West to East than from East to West. Also I’m sure that the Icelandair flight leaving NY at around 9 pm and arriving at 6.30 am local time after 5.5 hours of flying, meaning you pretty much lose a full night’s sleep, adds to the hangover.

Whatever – I’m not thrilled to be back. I had an email exchange with Cassie this morning in which she said, “NY is addictive …” and I think she’s right. Even after only 11 days it’s addictive. Something about the energy – it provides such a buzz. That said, I’m sure I wouldn’t want to live there for any length of time, particularly not in Manhattan, as crowds tend to make me cranky, particularly crowds on subways, and crowds that make it impossible for you to walk down a street at a reasonable pace. Also, I’ve lived in a metropolis before [Toronto] and I know it’s not all fun and games – if you’re not a big earner your time is pretty much taken up with work just to pay the rent, and then there’s hardly enough time or money left over to enjoy all the things the city has to offer.

And yet – something about the spirit of New York is now making me take stock and reevaluate my everyday life, particularly as it applies to work. It’s great to get away every now and then and come back with a fresh perspective – and for some reason my perspective right now seems fresher than often before. Whether that’s directly attributable to NY energy is questionable, but the fact remains that I’m ready for a change. I’ve got a couple of ideas buzzing around in my mind – only ideas at this stage, we shall see whether they progress to something more solid – however, just wanting to do something different is energizing.

Meanwhile, a reader contacted me this morning to say that he’s been having problems loading the content of my page, and I’ve been experiencing the same thing. Anyone else out there? I fear it’s the &%#$! service provider that I switched to a few weeks back – the one that has been causing me grief almost ever since. I’m going to have to switch back to the old one, I think, which means approximately two days’ outage again – I’ll probably leave it until the weekend when there is less traffic to the site. So be forewarned – if you show up here and can’t find the page, come back in a day or two and we should be open for business.

All talk of New York and the mundane blahs aside – I went out for a walk around the golf course earlier and was reminded of one of my main reasons for wanting to live in this country: I can step out my front door and breathe the freshest air just about anywhere, I can walk one block and feel like I’m in the midst of an exquisite painting. Yes, there is something to be said for that, too, even when the clouds are heavy and grey and lying low over the ocean, and when the wind blows and the temperatures are around 10°C [50F] like now. Today the sun came up at 7:35 am and it will go down at 6:58 this evening.