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Been there, done what?

Last night as we were surfing through NYC attractions EPI found a jazz concert with a couple of his absolute favourite musicians ever, playing there while we’re visiting. It took us about, oh, ten seconds to buy tickets online and print them out and now EPI’s totally psyched and can hardly believe his luck.

Which begs the next question: what else should we do while we’re in New York? What are the must-see shows and/or plays, the most delectable, charming, fun restaurants, the sights that will delight and wow us? What are the best places for shopping – the most wonderful boutiques, hip stores, best outlet places, greatest department stores? The best places for a quick bite to eat? The best tours? The best live music? The best – whatever?

Come on, now, don’t be shy!

Yesterday was our annual Gay Pride parade – which contrary to most other places is a full-out family affair here in Niceland, with parents taking their kids out in strollers, face-painting, candy-floss vendors, etc. There is a Carnival-type atmosphere and everyone is in a great mood. It was exceptionally warm so the city centre was packed – around 50,000 people turned up for the festivities, or about one-sixth of the population of Iceland [the rest were all at the annual Fish Day in Dalvík, which everyone says is fabulous and which I have promised myself I will attend one day!] Haven’t been out yet this morning but the sun looks gorgeous – it seems a bit windy, though, and when it’s windy it’s inevitably chilly. Temps are 13°C [55F] and the sun came up at 5:08 am and is due to set at 9:55 pm.