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Dramatic clouds over Reykjavík


In line with my new experimentation in keeping this blog updated, I’ve decided to post a picture once a week, with a wee bit of commentary. Something from the archives, but which tells a story. We start with this: I would like to tell you that I sat and waited hours for this picture, posed with […] Read more

Factoids about the Icelanders 2

Facts about the Icelanders

In 18th century Iceland the church passed a decree that children HAD to know how to read and write. [Likely so they could more easily incorporate the teachings of the church.] The local minister regularly made the rounds and tested the children, and if he found their education lacking, he could [and would] remove them […] Read more

Facts about the Icelanders 1

Facts about the Icelanders

Those readers who [closely] follow our Iceland Weather Report Facebook page will undoubtedly have noticed that recently I have been posting little tidbits of information about the Icelanders under the heading “trivia”. Happily, people really seem to like those little bits of info, and a number of people have urged me to keep posting them – which I […] Read more

A Little Book about Icelandic Elves. Because I had to.

Culture Travel & Reviews

If there is one thing about the Icelanders that the foreign media LOVES to chew on it is the fact that we all supposedly believe in elves. And if there is one thing that irks just as many of us here, is the way that elf belief is misrepresented to serve as click bait. These endless articles have become […] Read more

Icelandic authorities to get leaked HSBC data

Social & Political

Recently there has been much discussion in Icelandic society as to whether or not authorities should purchase a list of people who have money in foreign tax havens. The list is similar to the one that German authorities (and others) have already bought (if not the same), which led to them recovering millions of euros […] Read more

In which I exhaust the well of my indignation and launch a newsletter


Dear everyone! With 2015 upon us, I have been taking stock of various things, including myself and my [changing] interests, and how those are reflected in my online and social media activities. As many of you will know, this blog started out as a general forum for my personal expressions [and occasional rants] and morphed into kind […] Read more

2014: My Year in Review


Dear everyone: it’s the end of the year and so time for a quick look back. This blog, as you likely know, has traditionally been devoted to Icelandic politics and society … and quite frankly I can’t really bring myself to review the past year with that particular focus. However, I have done a quick […] Read more


Social & Political

As I have written about in this space before, the current government was elected pretty much on one promise: that they would relieve the debt burden of households whose mortgages had skyrocketed as a result of the economic meltdown. They have been dragging their feet with this debt write-off [while wasting no time with removing […] Read more

The list goes on


In a post I wrote last week I alluded to the growing anger in Icelandic society over the actions or non-actions of our current government. I also wondered whether the subservient mentality left over from our colonial days was causing Icelanders to simply take all the insults and injuries handed to them and shuffle on, serf-like, pretending nothing had happened. Well, […] Read more

With impunity

Social & Political

Recently I posted some musings on Facebook, wondering whether the Icelanders of today were much like the Icelanders of old under the oppressive heel of our former colonizers. It often seems to me that the people of this country choose blindness over sight, letting a certain segment of society [read: the elite] perform increasingly outrageous acts with complete impunity. And I’m […] Read more