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Day 3: More on the the enchantment of Djúpavík

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Day 3 of our stupendous West Fjords excursion, ostensibly undertaken to distribute a book but really mostly just for having a fabulous time in amazing surroundings.  We started the day in Djúpavík, a minuscule town in Strandir, most famous for its humongous abandoned herring factory. Djúpavík is a fascinating place. Its best-known residents are Eva and […] Full Article

Day two: sublime pool, dramatic Djúpavík and a factory that defies all logic

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Day 2 of our superexcellent West Fjords adventure: We woke up to the sound of birdsong in our lovely, compact cottage in Trékyllisvík. Got up and went for a run along the gravel road (the roads are pretty rudimentary around here), after which we drove the short distance to Krossnes for the express purpose of […] Full Article

Day one of our West Fjords tour: necro pants, scary landscapes and idyllic pastures

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Day 1 – Thursday, June 12 Our plan was to leave Reykjavík early-ish to get to Strandir, on the West Fjords, as soon as possible. However, since we had to stop to pick up some booze necessary provisions on the way out, it was actually 12.30 pm by the time we were on our way. We drove […] Full Article

We are off to the West Fjords

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Well as the Germans say, “tomorrow it is so far” – meaning it the time has come for Yours Truly to take off on a road trip to the wonderful West Fjords to drop off books and generally have a marvellous time. If you have not yet explored the West Fjords you are missing out on an […] Full Article

I’m exploring Iceland and you are cordially invited

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I’m gearing up for the mother of all trips around Iceland this June and July! [Not really.] [The mother bit.] [I am going on a trip, though.] The plan is for me and EPI [husband] to travel the West Fjords first, up along the eastern coast [an area known as Strandir, or “Shores”], then veer […] Full Article

The ones that got away


One of my favourite columnists, Guðmundur Andri Thorsson, writes a brilliant piece in Fréttablaðið today called “Á Íslendingaslóðum” which may be loosely translated as “Where the Icelanders Are”. It begins: The old [Icelandic] folk stories tend to begin with a man who is chasing sheep up on some mountain. He gets lost, winds up in a fog and […] Full Article

Why I won’t give a sample of my DNA to Decode Genetics

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Last week I posted a picture on our Facebook page of the contents of an envelope I received from the company Decode Genetics, in which they kindly request that I give them a sample of my DNA. I made some glib remark about swabbing the dog, but didn’t really explain the full story. Basically it is […] Full Article

New right-of-centre political party opens for business

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Those of you who follow our Facebook page may recall me mentioning that a new right-of-centre political party was in the works, and would be launched just after Easter. Well, it hasn’t been formally launched yet BUT a website has been opened where people can join, as well as choose whether or not they wish to […] Full Article

My little experiment goes bye-bye

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Exactly eight weeks ago I decided to try posting a weekly news review on this blog to see where it would lead. It was a bit of an experiment to see whether those people who follow me/this blog on Facebook and Twitter were interested in my take on the political and social scene here in […] Full Article

Debt relief sham, railing against whaling, and auroracoin bonanza: Iceland this week

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News from our fair isle, March 24-28. The government unveils its master plan Without a doubt, the biggest story this week was the government’s announcement of how they’re going to make good on their Big Election Promise. As some of you may remember, the party now in power – the Progressive Party – promised prior […] Full Article