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Can someone please turn the light on in here?

Boy, was I ever going to be clever tonight and fiddle around a bit with nameservers and such over at my service provider’s place.

Yeah. I know. Note to self: do not fiddle around with nameservers and such before you know what the hell you’re doing!

See, I’m ditching my service provider and have two options now: a) moving to another service provider [which I already use to publish a separate website] or b) using my domain and publishing through Google’s ‘custom domain’ service.*

Anyway, I’m going to spare you the hair-pulling, nail-biting details of this evenings botch-ups and misfortunes; suffice it to say that, at this present moment, some of you are able to see The Iceland Weather Report upon the World Wide Web [Site Meter tells me that much], while others are not. YT, unfortunately, belongs to the latter group, meaning that when I log on to www.icelandweatherreport.com all I get is the page of my domain registrar and a bunch of Google ads for cheap hotels in Reykjavík. [Just like on the Weather Report, in fact.]

I have to say that it’s a most bizarre feeling, not being to access my own site while others can. And, like, being able to write these words, and not being able to see them. Kind of like being in a dark room and fumbling to find the light switch. Is this how blind people feel? Fumbling around to find something that everybody else can see?

Dark. Sunrise: dunno. Sunset: dunno.

* Any recommendations?