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Completely overlooking the inherent opportunity

YT: Remember that blogger in Paris, the one who got fired?
EPI: … Yeah
YT: She got paid 62 million krónur to write two books.
EPI: […!]
YT: The first one just came out
EPI: What’s it about?
YT: I dunno. Her life in Paris, probably
YT: She was living with this guy who was always working and they had this baby, then she met some other guy on her blog and had an affair and then she split up with the first guy
EPI: I knew it! This blogging thing is no good
YT: It’s not the blogging thing – the guy was never home
EPI: OK, that’s it, I’m quitting my job
YT: NO, I’m getting a job. So I can get fired.

And from where I’m sitting it looks perfectly calm, also, although appearances can be deceptive, particularly when you live in the west end of Reykjavík, near the sea, and the subject is ‘wind’. It can look perfectly calm from the window [funny word, that, wind-oh, hm] but BAM! as soon as you’re down at the shore you’re suddenly contending with something else entirely. Temps a perfectly acceptable 1°C [34F] and the sun came up at 7.55, goes down at 7.20.



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