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Creepy mousie

Remember our criminal ex-neighbours? Mr Aggressive – the abusive one with the doberman and the nasty tattoos, who was always shouting at his skinny little girlfriend in between smashing things up? If you’ll recall, they broke up and all went blissfully quiet for a while, except that she kept returning once a day with the doberman, staying inside for a few minutes, and then leaving again. A couple of weeks later Mr Tattoo returned and proceeded to party up a fricking storm with his buddies and some little blonde chick that he’d wasted no time in recruiting as a replacement. Until eventually the old girlfriend called the cops because he refused to vacate the apartment and she was in deep shit because she’d signed the lease.

Man, I felt sorry for her. Here she was, an anorexic little girlie who’d had the misfortune of getting involved with a drug dealer and knee-breaker who was completely fried in the head. They break up, and not only does he refuse to move out of the apartment that she had rented for the two of them, but he’s also got a new chick in there with him. What a turd!

In other words, in my mind she was the victim and she had my unequivocal sympathy and support. Which is why I was rather taken aback by the information EPI came bearing today, after a chat with one of our neighbours.*

Evidently Mr Tattoo is locked up at the moment because he beat the little blonde chick to a pulp. [No surprise there.]

Also, as we surmised, there was a massive amount of dealing going on. [No surprise there.]

What did come as a surprise, however, was this: the little anorexic girl, the one EPI and I consistently felt sorry for and wondered how on earth such a seemingly nice girl had got involved with a bastard like him, was actually running the show. She was the drug baroness – the mover and shaker behind the whole operation. That big-assed doberman was hers. She’d rented the apartment to use it for dealing. And apparently she’d been busted before – once, at least, at the airport, while trying to smuggle drugs into the country.

Here in Iceland we have a saying: The mouse that creeps is no better than the mouse that leaps. Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have taken her for the creeping mouse!

It was cold and sunny today – a beautiful day, in fact, with just the hint of a breeze. Went out for a run in -2°C temps and it was gorgeous, save for the fact that I took my regular route and at 2 pm the buildings lining the road completely blocked the sun. Even at high noon the sun doesn’t rise high enough to get above those buildings, and by 2 it had sunk back down so low that the entire route was in shadow. On the upside, though, this isn’t Ísafjörður, in the northwest, whose sunshine is blocked by the nearby mountains for the entire winter. A storm warning has now been issued for tomorrow and rising temps are forecast. Currently still -2°C and sunrise was at 10.30 and sunset at 15.59.

* Apparently our neighbour knows a cop and got the inside dibs.