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Dinner conversation of the absurd

So I’m getting all restless to start traveling around Iceland this summer, partly exacerbated by this assignment I’m working on that describes various Nicelandic locations in the most glowing terms.

I remarked on this to EPI at dinner.

EPI: I heard an interview with Björk this morning where she described herself as a singer and a housewife.

YT: […]

EPI: Just a housewife. And a singer.

YT: And…?

EPI: She says one of the best things she does to unwind is go camping all by herself out in the middle of nowhere.

YT: Oh, I see. So if we go camping we might run into Björk.

EPI: Yeah, Björk everywhere, Björk up on some heath somewhere alone in a tent [makes scribbling gestures] We are the Earth intraiters we are the Earth intraiters

YT: Intruders.

EPI: Hahahaha … what?

YT: Intruders.

EPI: What’s the difference?

YT: Intraiters isn’t a word.

EPI: [philosophical] Intraiter, intruder … *

YT: Well you know, Jóhannes Kjarval slept in a tent.

EPI: Actually he didn’t even sleep in the tent half the time. He slept outside and when it rained he took shelter under earth ledges, like the sheep. And since he painted in oils it didn’t matter if it rained, he just kept right on painting, and sometimes he didn’t even take the painting away with him, he just hid it in a crack in the lava. It’s amazing he was able to find them all again, really.

YT: Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Björk hid her songs in the lava and couldn’t find them again?

Because it was bloody windy. Gusts of up to 20 m/h if that means anything to you. Also, it’s been really insane kind of weather. Yesterday I kept meaning to go outside for a walk in the sunshine, but by the time I finished the paragraph I was working on and stood up, it was raining again. I sat down, translated a page, and it was sunny again. I finished the paragraph, stood up, and it was raining. Rain and shine, rain and shine, all day long. Right now it’s raining buckets and blowing a bit, and thankfully it won’t be sunny when I finish this because it’s evening.Temps 6°C. Sunrise at 5:22 am and sunset at 9:31 pm.

* There are some sounds in English that Icelandic people have a really hard time differentiating. One of those is the difference between v and w. Nicelanders think their country is wery wery nice. Wery nice.



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  • MK September 2, 2009, 8:38 pm

    i took a tour in iceland in 2004. i still remember her story about the Vounded Wikings that died and vent to Walhalla. fantastic.

  • KC December 10, 2009, 10:28 pm

    When we lived there I loved hearing about the different ‘williages.’ I still have to pronounce it that way because it gives me such a smile!

  • KC December 10, 2009, 10:29 pm

    Oops, meant ‘willages’ – spell check didn’t help me out!

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