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My dear father and his lovely wife unexpectedly dropped by this evening to bestow on EPI and YT Icelandair gift certificates valid to any European destination.

Wedding present.

[Making us feel very guilty for not having thrown a party yet.]

And being the troupers they are, they’ve even included babysitting. How sweet is that??

So what should it be? London, Paris, Rome? Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague? Berlin, Milan, Zurich, St. Petersburg?

How can it be so miserable, day after day after day? It’s the same thing incessantly – extreme winds, sub-zero temps… the sort of weather where you literally can’t spend any time outside. Running, of course, is absolutely out of the question. Seriously, I’m starting to panic. What if global warming has finally diverted the Gulf Stream and it stays like this forever and ever and ever? Today temps, with windchill, reached -36°C. Minus thirty-six degrees Centigrade!! That’s like, -32.8°Farenheit!! Good thing we have geothermal heating, snugly insulated homes, and a car outside the front door to take us wherever we need to go. That’s all I’m sayin’. Sunrise 09.59 and sunset 16.25. Bleh.



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