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EPI gets left behind

Back to civilization now. Three days in the [semi-] outback was not nearly enough, which is precisely what EPI thought which is why he’s still there. All by his lonesome. With his easel, collection of paints, electric guitar, amplifier and various other toys and paraphernalia. Will he miss us? He says he will, but I seriously doubt it.

Originally we’d all planned to stay a whole week and booked the cottage for that duration. Foolishly I assumed that when AAH’s national exams were finished, that would be it and she’d be released into the summer like a wee heifer from a barn. Alas, I did not know about end-of-term exams, which are different from national exams and which are this week. D’oh!

Never mind. Thing is, this is a perfect opportunity for EPI, who has been talking about doing precisely this for a couple of years, or ever since YT spent a few days up there alone and wound up writing a book. Personally, I’m thrilled for him because he’s so supertalented and hardly ever gets a chance to work on what he loves, what with the daily grind and suchlike. Besides, I’ve got a few things up my sleeve for later. Heheh I’ll saynomore.

Well everybody’s been talking about how cold it’s been and it’s true – it’s been excruciatinly cold. So cold in fact that nesting has been disrupted and there’s hardly any green on the trees up there – in fact the vegetation looks very much like it does right at the tail end of winter. Plus there was snow in the surrounding mountains. BUT when the sun shines here in Niceland and you can keep the wind off, it’s actually quite warm and even possible to get a tan. So this weekend we suntanned the Nicelandic way: don bikini, lie flat in sun on deck, run inside shivering when sun vanishes behind cloud, run back out as soon as sun returns. Repeat as needed. And yes, we went and sat in our fantabulous old rustic sauna [the developers have as yet not got their hands on it, but it is imminent, only a matter of time] and even went and jumped in the lake. Yowsa! Currently 8°C [46F], sunrise was at 3:35 am and sunset at 11:17 pm. Incidentally, we have officially entered the season of the midnight sun, because we have no daybreak or nightfall. The sun just dips below the horizon and rises again; it never, ever gets dark.



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