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One of the most bizarre searches in a long time appeared on my Site Meter today:

“Led Zeppelin fornicating with a dead shark”*

The search came from Bejing, China. I mean – how many searches come from Bejing, China? And when they do, what are the odds they’ll be searching for “Led Zeppelin fornicating with a dead shark”?

At least as of a few minutes ago, when the sun came out. Right now we have blue skies with just a scattering of clouds, perfect travel weather for the lucky people who are going out of town for this long holiday weekend [it’s Whitsun… as you know, Icelanders get extremely pious when it comes to having a holiday out of it… a couple of years ago one of the TV stations did a survey in which they asked people if they knew what Whitsun was all about – hardly anybody did]. Temps right now are [a mere] 6°C and sunrise was at 03.20, sunset at 23.33.

* Ever helpful, Yahoo chimed in: Did you mean Led Zeppelin fornication with a dead shark?



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