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Giant marionette and other monumental events

Well, the giant marionette came and went. It was the opening act of the Reykjavík Arts Festival and is actually the product of the French street theatre company Royal de Luxe. The story behind it was that this ill-tempered giant was on the loose in the city, destroying cars and such, and his daughter was called out to try and calm him down. So she walks through the streets looking for him and along the way delights the general populace who watch her waking up, going to sleep, taking a shower, kneeling down to let children swing on her arms and even taking a leak. [!] It was quite a spectacle and very cool, taking an amazing amount of effort – probably a dozen or more people were required to work the strings and such to get her to move, and she was eerily life-like, even batting her eyelashes and breathing when sleeping.

Which most people watched but I daresay only half-heartedly since Iceland wasn’t in the race. Actually the Eurovision Song Contest has kind of turned into ‘An Excellent Excuse for a Party’ for most Nicelanders, and as we know, there are few things the Nicelanders love more than an excellent excuse for a party. This is precisely how it ran chez YT; EPI’s father and sisters and brother all came over with spouses and kids, we had a superexcellent barbecue, watched the odd Eurovision entry, and generally had a wery wery excellent time. Oh, and Serbia won.

… And since Iceland was not in the Eurovision race the director of the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service did not find himself braving the wrath of the Nicelandic nation when he cut the Eurovision broadcast just before the end to announce the preliminary election figures. It was a harrowing, nail-biting night for some people [YT not included as was sleeping on my green ear*] with the government alternatively losing and gaining back its majority. In the end, the majority was retained by one piddly seat in parliament, which wery likely means that the coalition will be dissolved and we will see some changes around here – huzzah! The bad news is, however, that the ruling Independence Party holds the reins and calls the shots and this is slightly worrying. But it is absolutely evident that the nation is demanding a turn to the left and they’d be fools to ignore that. Worse, they’d be idiots. So – a proper Announcement About the Future of the Country should be made sometime in the next few days. Stay tuned.

Incidentally, Jadetree – who as REC so aptly stated in the comments last post is ‘gone but not forgotten’ thanks to the Google cache – did not get elected. Aw.

It is incredibly gorgeous out there right now. Actually, it has been incredibly gorgeous all weekend but with killer wind – cold killer wind – which dampened the enjoyment and which today seems to have vanished. Which is just the day when I have to nail my butt to the chair and get some work done. Which is also why I should stop procrastinating and get on with it. Temps right now 7°C [41F] and the sun came up at 4:18 am, will set at 10:33 pm.

*Nicelandic idiom



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