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Happy Easter!

See this jolly bunch? They graced the tops of our chocolate Easter eggs this morning.

As per every Easter Sunday chez YT, the day began with the annual Easter egg hunt. Traditionally EPI’s youngest has always stayed overnight and taken part in the hunt with us; however as she has now reached the ripe old age of 16 and is moreover spending Easter in Florence with her sister Barbie, it was just the three of us today [until this evening at least, when EPI’s eldest comes over for Easter dinner].

Since AAH is mercifully past the age of insisting on having chocolate for Easter breakfast, we first had brunch and then set off on the search. House rules have it that the egg must be at least partially visible from at least one angle and AAH sniffed out YT’s crafty hiding place relatively quickly – in my bag, which was casually slung across the chair in the front hall.

Next up were EPI and I. As usual, it took me no more than 10 minutes to find mine. [Poor EPI, he never manages to stump me, no matter how amazing he considers his hiding place to be.] It was hidden inside the printer, in my office. EPI meanwhile searched and searched and searched, and asked for a clue, and then searched some more, then asked for another clue, and searched some more, and then finally found his. I’d hidden it atop a mattress that is leaned up against the wall in the spare bedroom [to make room for EPI’s easel] and which is covered with a sheet. The egg was partially [ok, almost entirely] underneath the sheet. Tough, I know. [Although not as tough as last year’s hiding place.]

The other fun part of finding the Easter eggs is that they each have a fortune inside [along with a bunch of candy – how much depends on the size of your egg] and here are the fortunes we got. Incidentally, they lose their charm in the translation, so you’ll just have to imagine them as being somewhat more eloquent:

AAH: Aumur er agalaus maður.
[Pathetic is the undisciplined man]
EPI: Ekki eru allir viðhlægjendur vinir.
[Not everyone who laughs with you is your friend]
YT: Fleira er gleði en fébætur einar.
[Material things are not the only ones to give joy]

How true, how true.

Still cold and blustery, winds from the north-northwest, 8-13m a second. We’re going to head out for a walk soon, though, because that’s what you do on lazy Easter Sundays like this when nothing is open – eat lots of chocolate and then go out and ‘weather yourself’. We shall then come back home and throw a leg of lamb on the barbecue, and proceed to cook up a feast with Rösti potatoes and other delectables – in particular EPI’s amazing sauce made with copious amounts of red wine and port. With this we shall open a bottle of red wine and imbibe the lot, finishing off with an Anton Berg ice cream cake. And while enjoying all these luxuries we shall be grateful for them all, and not forget that this day belongs to Jesus from Nazareth, who was incontestably one of the most amazing human beings ever to walk this earth and whose example we would all do well to follow. The beautiful sun came up at 05.53 and will set this evening at 21.04.



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