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Highbrow and lowbrow

Went to see Spideyman 3 this evening with AAH. On the way back home I noticed there was a sunset happening out at Grótta so I went and grabbed my camera, plus EPI, and we headed out there for a boo.

It was fairly spectacular and everything, but EPI went on the whole time about why it is that sunsets always bring out the cameras in people and laughed at the poor fools teetering on the edge of the rocks, practically falling over trying to get a picture. Which wasn’t that hard, really. I got several, in fact, and I didn’t even have to get up on a rock.

Anyway, the movie was a yawn – I started looking at my watch about 30 minutes into it, or when the first extended episode of cartoon violence started dragging on and on and on. And the next. And the next. It was such a bore and I couldn’t help thinking about how they insist on making Spiderman a.k.a. Peter Parker absolutely insipid and sexless. It’s like oooohhhh, better not show an ounce of passion between old Pete and his girlfriend that – note bene – he’s supposed to be desperately, intensely in love with – but oh! God forbid that he should even kiss her on the mouth, or show that he is in any way physically attracted to her. And just to drive the point home we’ll have him living in a little closet of an apartment with a single bed barely big enough for one and make sure that they never stay over at each other’s place. Instead, let’s show Spidey involved in massive brutality for about two hours or so, interspersed with brief scenes featuring the nauseating goo that is supposed to pass for emotion. No wonder she dumped him. That’s all I’ll say.

Got something a little more highbrow lined up for tomorrow evening, though – a production of Cymbeline by some British theatre company that’s touring the world and is s’posed to be really good. I’ve never seen Cymbeline and haven’t a clue what it’s about, so if someone could give me the plot in 100 words or less that would be great. So I can be prepared, like. Because of course with Shakespeare it’s very necessary to know the plot beforehand.

I’m actually totally wiped and fear I’m rambling on about nothing so I should just pack it in and call it a day. [It’s a day!] Weather started off overcast with showers but look how it turned out! Look! Above! So right now it’s 8°C [43F] and the sun came up around 4 and set around 10.30, somewhere around there.



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