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How do we love thee, let us count… etc.

I realize, friends in Blogland, that I’m probably starting to seem obsessed and more than a little psycho [I’m neither. really.] but I’ve found even more reasons to love Baugur Group. You see, as if it were not enough that they’ve overthrown the old Icelandic power blocs, donated ISK 300 million to the Hringur Children’s Hospital, brought Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to the Icelandic masses, bestowed on YT a whole leg of lamb after she only went out to Bónus for some hamburgers… yes, dear readers, even as they were carrying out these magnificent acts of philanthropy, they also managed to construct this place.

That’s correct, Penis Mall is the child of Baugur Group, built to house all the shops they’ve opened in Iceland during their 18-year rise to invincibility. This thought occurred to YT yesterday as she made the long journey to Penis Mall [it’s actually located in another town, about 15 minutes away by car] specifically in order to check out Zara’s spring collection. I love Zara. And I love Baugur for bringing Zara to Iceland. Gush.

Previously, you see, I had to travel a lot further to shop in Zara, more specifically to Spain. And this was not convenient when it came to returning clothes, for instance, as I am frequently called upon to do here. Reason: occasionally I find it necessary to buy clothes for EPI. Yes, I know, I’m loath to admit it, and ordinarily I don’t meddle in people’s affairs in such an extreme, er, fashion, but as it happens I’ve chosen as my life partner a man who, it must be said, is rather ineffectual when it comes to buying clothes. By which I mean – he just doesn’t do it. He would rather walk around wearing jeans riddled with holes [and I’m not talking the ‘trendy’ kind of holes that incidentally are no longer trendy] than get his butt to Penis [or any other] Mall for the express purpose of shopping for clothes. In other words, it’s the sort of situation that calls for a woman’s initiative. So YT treks out to Zara, because Zara allows you to return clothes for a full refund. This was a first in Iceland, a country notorious for its poor customer service, and as far as I know Zara is still the only store that does this. Which is perfect for YT, because if the clothes don’t fit EPI I can simply return them and get something for myself my money back.

Now if Baugur could only be persuaded to buy out the people who sold me my [still-clicking, hurry-up-and-crash] laptop [incidentally what’s the deal with the dead dog on their website?] I’d be one happy camper.

… Is old Victoria Beckham. Seems rumour started circulating recently that she was to be the new face of Iceland [as in the UK supermarket chain], which appropriately enough is [partly] owned by Icelanders [read: Baugur]. Mrs. Beckham has vehemently denied the allegations, claiming that she would rather have both of her arms and her hair extensions chopped off before she would deign to advertise Iceland. Lah-dee-dah.

Today, which means the day and the night are of equal length. From here on, until 21 June, the day will gradually be getting longer until we have no darkness all night long. This is my favourite time, so wonderfully energizing and filled with promise. Today’s weather isn’t much to shout about though, overcast with slight wind and fairly chilly temps. Currently 2°C and sunrise was at 07.29 and sunset at 19.43.



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