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I rest my case

This google search just in: ‘wery big asses porno’ 


Today was a gorgeous day – the sort of day you want to head to Laugavegur, the only half-decent shopping area in Niceland that isn’t an indoor mall. Laugavegur is great on sunny days – everyone is in such a good mood, and there’s such vibrancy and activity. Useless trivia: “Laugavegur” actually means “Pools Road” because it was forged by women who walked from the inhabited area in Reykjavík [today the old city centre] to the Laugardalur valley [“Hot spring valley” – today the main sports and recreation area] where there were hot springs, to do their laundry. It later became the city’s main artery and shopping street – that is, until it was overshadowed by the two malls, Kringlan and Penis. Sigh. Although that wasn’t all bad because with rental rates-per-square-metre dropping, a lot of cool boutiques and vintage stores have opened there, one of which sold our YT a brand-new wery wery cool handbag today. Right now we have 10°C [50F], sunrise was at 5.05 am and sunset at 9.47 pm, which doesn’t really tell the whole story because daybreak was at 03.58 and nightfall will be at 10.56. Here comes the midnight sun!




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