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In which Árni Johnsen takes it like a man

Astute readers will have noted that our purported outage is taking a while to materialize. Those guys over at the new web host seem to be having some trouble getting their groove on and YT is starting to have doubts about whether this new arrangement will be any better than the last. [Gulp!]

Meanwhile, remember Árni Johnsen, epitome of Independence Party corruption? Fancying himself a sort of Icelandic Viktor Yuschenko, old Árni reveals in an interview with DV this weekend that he was recently a victim of poisoning. Apparently the poison was slipped into food supplements that he was taking and he has a suspicion who it was. Fortunately  he lived, although his fingers swelled up and his fingernails went all crusty. As he tells DV, “I just couldn’t believe it. I thought to myself, this can’t be right. – It’s annoying, but there’s no point wallowing in it.” Meanwhile today’s Fréttablaðið  lauds Árni for “… taking it like a man. An assassination attempt is made on his life and instead of going to the police and informing them of who he suspects, this hero of a man shrugs his shoulders, says ‘how annoying’ and goes off to be interviewed by DV.”

I say we need  more like him to get us out of the kreppa.

It started around noon and has been intensifying ever since. There was a demo on Austurvöllur today and apparently around 200 people showed up – YT gave it a miss, partly because of my kreppoverload and partly because some of AAH’s malaise from a few days ago seems to have rubbed off on me and I’m feeling decidedly under the weather.My younger [half-] sister is celebrating her 30th birthday this evening and I’d like to be fit to go. Time to go lie down. Currently 3°C [37F]. Sunrise was at 9:02 am, sunset due for 6:21 pm.



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  • Jon February 21, 2009, 10:33 pm

    Maybe someone put a hex on him and his thieving ways or maybe its just karma catching up. OR, he’s full of bs and has delusions of grandeur. Did he ever pay back that which he stole from the National Theatre?

  • pinkpackrat February 22, 2009, 4:31 am

    Will those swollen fingers keep him from playing the guitar and singing????OOOOH those pesky assasination attempts LOL Hope you got to the party and that it was fun:-)

  • Kelp February 22, 2009, 11:53 am

    Hmm, I noticed an outage the other day… I figured it was the purported outage, but maybe it was just my internet messing up.

  • Dave Hambidge February 22, 2009, 12:46 pm

    Yep you were invisible for a couple of days, nice to have you back.


  • alda February 22, 2009, 1:43 pm

    Jon – as far as I know, he hasn’t paid his debt to society, no.

    ppr – heheheh. One can only hope.

    Kelp – nope, that was something else.

    Flygill – what – no mention of potential jobs in Canada, or Poland, or any of the other countries that are now recruiting Icelanders?
    In any case, I’ve deleted your comment because it contained a chunk of text lifted from elsewhere without proper credit. If you’d like to post it again WITH the credit, feel free.

    Dave – nope, we were only offline for a couple of hours. Our lengthy outage has yet to occur – and may not occur, since I’m seriously reconsidering my involvement with the new outfit. They’re terrible at support.

  • Flygill February 22, 2009, 6:27 pm

    That’s ok, I was showing that, if nothing else, the kreppa has inspired some fine and often eloquent manifestos and credos of outrage and rebellion. “I want to be able to live a good life without killing myself at my job. I want to be able to eat a good meal without bleeding for it …Adios Iceland” (from Eyjan). That sort of thing. Some day in the future there will be published a fine “Kreppa-Reader”.
    Yes, there is employment interest from Norway. I haven’t heard about Poland but that seems an unlikely possibility unless you want to have 23 Icelanders living in one flat. I’ve seen the offers from Manitoba, which is a very nice gesture from the Icelandic-descended mayor. Alas, I think Winnipeg would be a disappointment for most Icelanders, since apart from the cold (oh, the cooold) it is decidely “un-cosmopolitan” – and that’s putting it kindly. How many Icelanders want to dress in cowboy clothes and go to rodeos and hockey games? Anyone? Vancouver/B.C. would be much preferable. Of course, Denmark would be best for Icelanders but they are having very serious problems now with lots of layoffs, so that’s probably out.