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In which YT is made a stellar offer she almost can’t refuse

Went to s. o. Nóatún today to pick up a few things. Normally I try to avoid the place, but the massive snowfall we had last night made it impossible to move the car [read: it is still on summer tires] and even walking was a bit difficult, so it was a necessary evil.

In the shopping basket: ORA green peas, lettuce, milk, bananas and two types of apples – red delicious and jonagold.

YT keeps her eye on the items being rung through. The cashier, a young kid who looks about 12, rings both types of apples through under the same [red delicious] code.

YT: Those are jonagold, not red delicious.
YT: Those are jonagold. They’re not the same price.
CWLA12: [examines his screen]
YT: The red delicious are on special.
CWLA12: Oh. Well these [i.e. the jonagold] are more expensive than the other ones anyway, so just take them. I can’t be bothered to change it.

[In other words, this kid was prepared to rip off his employer without a second thought, just because he was too lazy to correct his mistake. And had no qualms about telling the customer about it.]



It snowed! Look:

Bus shelter:

There were a lot of shovels aloft today as Reykjavikians dug their cars out of piles of snow that had descended on them during the night. Everywhere you looked there were cars stuck – within three minutes of going outside today I was helping push a vehicle that was stuck in a snowbank, and according to the news the Landsbjörg search and rescue team was called out 200 times today in the capital area. My own personal automobile [a.k.a. ‘the unit’] has not been moved today [see above] and I’m hoping that by tomorrow they’ll have cleared the streets enough to allow me to drive to my local tire centre to get the winter tires put under without risking life and limb in the process. I must say I’m thrilled to pieces to have snow [I may not be tomorrow, though – depends if they clear my running path tonight because finally there is no frost so running outside is once again possible hurray hurray] because it brightens the darkness and it’s all Christmas-y and stuff and soon there will be pretty fairy lights everywhere and it will all be so festive. Storm warning has been issued for tonight, though, [yes boys and girls, it’s not all fun and games] in the southeast of the country, but winds should die down tomorrow. EPI just whistled outside the window – I see he’s got the shovel out and is clearing the snow behind my car [having just dug his out] so I can be assured that I won’t be stranded in the morning. Phew. Temps currently a sweltering 2°C, sunrise was at 10.08 and sunset at 16.17.



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