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In which YT’s equilibrium is upset

Ring! The phone.

YT: Hello?
WOMAN ON OTHER END: Hello… EPI? Is he available?
YT? No, I’m afraid he’s out.
WOOE: Ah. This is [sowanso] from [sowanso’s] campaign office. Do you know if EPI has voted yet today? [In The Alliance’s preliminary elections…]
YT: No, I don’t.
WOOE: Have you?
YT: […] Um, I’m not a registered…
WOOE: Oh, you don’t have to be a registered supporter! These are open elections. So if you would like [sowanso] to head the list in the upcoming elections I would suggest that you join your husband [!] at the polling station.
YT: Um, yes… OK….
WOOE: And would you please remind your husband to vote?
YT: Um, yes… sure….
WOOE: Thankyouverymuchandgoodbye.


I’ve never been the sort of person who gets passionate about politics. Call me shallow if you will if you shall if you must [really I’m not] but somehow the whole political thing just seems kind of silly to me. While I can get enraged and indignant about injustice and subterfuge and corruption, the day-to-day business of politics usually seems to me more akin to kids in a sandbox than mature, responsible adults doing what is best for the greater good. Everyone has an agenda. And I’m a cynic. I don’t trust politicians, I really don’t. All those grip-and-grin poses and people taking credit for things that others have done all the work on and assuming positions of authority and power that they haven’t really earned… Bah!*

Nonetheless, I am a firm believer in using the vote. Having lived for most of my life in countries where I was not a citizen, the privilege of being eligible to vote is something I value greatly. And now this WOOE has raised in me a certain unease. Because the thing is, of the three candidates running for the top seat [and who will thus potentially become mayor] I wouldn’t choose [sowanso]. Since that phone call I’ve started examining my thoughts and discovered that there’s another candidate that I would, in fact, prefer. So perhaps a trip to the polling station is required, after all.

… Which is what we have at the moment, in fact. The weather was pretty scary this morning, strong winds and heavy rainfall mixed with sleet, but then it cleared up and it’s now quite lovely, if still windy. This week it’s set to get warmer than it has been in the last few days – temps are currently 4°C and sunrise was at 09.33, sunset due for 17.52.

*I write this with some reservation, as my father-in-law has behind him a successful career in politics, was an MP and cabinet minister for most of his life. And somehow this cynicism of mine isn’t directed at his person because he is very dear to me, but in general – these are my sentiments.



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