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Insanity: the new line in self-defense

If there is one piece of news I didn’t need to read this morning [apart from how the rate of the krona is rapidly falling against the dollar] it’s the story about the three Icelandic guys that got mugged in Manhattan a couple of nights ago. See, I was under the distinct impression that old Rudy Giuliani had gathered up all people with even a hint of criminal tendency on the island of Manhattan and shipped them off somewhere far, far away. Like Guantanamo Bay. So I’m feeling kinda cheated.

So these three Nicelandic dudes were walking through a park the other night [! first time in a big city?] when three hoods come at them screaming GIVE ME YOUR F*CKING MONEY!! over and over, and waving a pistol. So the one Nicelandic dude pulls out his wallet and opens it so as to demonstrate that he’s got no cash, while a second does the only rational thing in such situations – he jumps the guy with the gun and starts wrestling him until he’s managed to get his hands on the gun.

[… !]

I know. COMPLETELY F*CKING INSANE, and not only that but A COMPLETE F*CKING CRACKPOT too, because you know what he does then? He hands the gun back.

Like, “Here you go, son, here’s your gun back. You can now proceed to blow our brains out, ‘kay? G’head. We’ll wait.”


I know. That’s what the guy with the gun thought, too, because instead of using the gun to blow their brains out, he turned on his heels and ran away as fast as he could. Prolly scared shitless.

Meanwhile the Nicelandic dude was quoted in the paper as saying he first thought it was a toy gun, but afterwards realized it was probably real.

I just hope he doesn’t decide to teach any self-defense classes.

That pretty much sums up our weather this fine August day. There’s hardly any wind, so that means the weather’s actually quite pleasant, as is always the case here in Niceland when there’s no wind. Went out for a bike ride along the sea to get some fresh air and it was great – temps around 16°C [61F] and the sun came up at 5:02 am and will set at 10:02 this evening.



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