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Is every laptop a craptop, or is it just me?

In the beginning, there was craptop number one. Then came craptop number two, which some of you may remember was eventually refunded in full. And now – brace yourselves – we have craptop number three. Yes, dear readers, after an entire month of use coupled with serious kid-glove treatment, my new IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad decided was time to bite the dust. It simply stopped working the other morning. Just like that. The hard drive died.

If I hadn’t already wasted far too much energy getting suitably enraged about stupid old – sorry, new – craptops that have major malfunctions, I would probably be livid. As it is, I’m calmly petting my faithful old Toshiba Satellite that appears to be indestructible and has proven itself far far superior to its upscale, modern brethren. Good Toshiba. Good.

I have not kept my promise [or threat, whichever fits] and given you the full lowdown on the Return of Silvía… well, the truth is that either Silvía has managed to slip into the country absolutely unnoticed without whipping up any fanfare whatsoever, or she simply has not returned. I’m leaning towards the latter, because a) I cannot envision the character known as Silvía Nótt not whipping up fanfare if there is any possibility of doing so [i.e., when she left the country she was all dressed up in this pseudo-national costume, doing the royal wave, and was subsequently photographed in the cockpit of the plane with the pilots] and b) a very kind reader emailed to tell me that he had seen Silvía at the Acropolis the day after her big meltdown and she had been very funny and gracious and nice. And as if to prove that it was the same Silvía [presumably because the description doesn’t exactly fit with what she has become famous for] he even attached pictures. And after studying them I had to concede that, yes indeed, it’s the same girl.

Really, we’re in quite a state around here. Up north they’ve had loads of snow in the past few days, farmers have had to bring all their livestock back indoors [news footage yesterday showing sheep and wee lambs all scrunched together in barns, very sad], there are fears that the eider duckies will run into trouble as some of them have already laid eggs that presumably they’ll have to abandon… or something… and generally we are just sick and tired of being cold and having all this fricking wind all the time. So – send warmth. soon. please. preferably immediately, so we won’t have to suffer for the rest* of the weekend like the weatherman is threatening we’ll have to. The sun came up at 03.45 and went down at 23.06.

* You may have noticed my Freudian slip in saying the ‘rest’ of the weekend – that’s because tomorrow is a holiday [Ascension Day donchaknow, we Icelanders get very pious if there’s a holiday to be had out of it] and so today feels like a Friday. And the real Friday will feel like a holiday because it’s stuck between a holiday and a holiday, if you see what I mean, so it won’t feel like a real working day. Which is why I made that very understandable minor error.