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It must be love

See these? They’re dried veggies normally used in traditional Icelandic kjötsúpa, meat soup made with lamb:

The last time we made meat soup for dinner, EPI wanted to get some of these dried veggies and I made a face because I don’t like the taste of the dried carrots [the red bits]. They go all slimy in the water and taste really yucky.

But a couple of weeks ago, EPI had some kjötsúpa made by a friend of his, and claimed the friend had used the dried veggies, and they’d been really good. So today, when we planned on having kjötsúpa for dinner, he kind of suggested that maybe we could just flavour it with a little bit of the dried veggies. And I said OK.

So this afternoon, I came home to find EPI sitting at the kitchen table. At first I couldn’t figure out what he was doing. But when I came closer I it transpired that he’d been to the store, and was now sitting at the table with the dried soup veggies spread in front of him, picking out all the red bits.

Go on. Tell me I’m not married to the most amazing guy on the planet. See? You can’t.

It was a good thing AAH was in the room, because I was able to tell her on the spot that this was exactly the sort of man she should marry.

Bright sunshine, crisp and clear. Slight breeze. Just gorgeous. The air so fresh. -1°C right now and sunrise/sunset was … whenever.



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