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It’s pretty scary when you can’t turn us off just by closing a window

So, I went to my first Expat Quiz Night here in Reykjavík last Friday. Apparently they have them once a month at Café Cultura, in the Intercultural Centre, but then how would I know because I’m obviously not a genuine expat, just as I’m not a genuine Nicelander. [Falling through the cracks: the story of my life *sob*]. In fact I wouldn’t even have known about it if my friend Jonas hadn’t alerted me, which I’m certainly glad he did because a) I had a blast b) we came in second and even won a prize, huzzah! c) they have Leffe on tap up there. The total spoils amounted to about 700 kronur for each of us, which meant we broke even [it cost 500 kronur in] and earned us a small subsidy towards our next beer. Sweet.

On our team [of five] was a guy named Simon, who was holidaying from Toronto because apparently they don’t get enough cold and snow over there. Our conversation went something like this:

YT: So, you’re from Toronto?
Simon: Yes I am.
YT: I used to live in Toronto.
S: Oh really?
YT: Where in Toronto do you live?
S: Cabbagetown.
YT: Oh, I used to live in Cabbagetown.
S: Really?
YT: Yeah. I lived on Spruce Street.
S: I live on Spruce Street.

Crazy, huh? Turns out he’d come to Niceland last year and had been bitten by the dreaded Niceland Bug [to which some foreigners seem particularly susceptible], so he’d turned up again. In the interim he’d been corresponding with Jonas and Eliza [who also showed up at the pub quiz] through the Iceland Review website, and was also familiar with the Weather Report, although he didn’t figure out until a couple of ‘entertainment breaks’ [i.e. cigarette and drink-run breaks] who YT was. At which time he was duly floored, and blurted out: “My God, my virtual life is coming true! You people actually exist!”

Definitely the quote of the evening if you ask me.

It’s gorgeous out there – sunny and cold, with barely a hint of a breeze. [Yesterday morning was gorgeous as well.] It’s set to cloud over around noon, though, with strong winds and precipitation later. Meaning I should get meself out for a run pronto. Temps -5°C [23F] and the sun came up at 8.51, will go down at 6.32 pm.