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It’s too much work to come up with a title for this one

You know what gives me great satisfaction? Taking off a worn-out pair of socks and throwing them directly into the garbage because they have a hole in them. Disposable socks. What a great feeling that is.


Now, if you’ve surmised that the above means that my life is excruciatingly dull right now, you are correct. It seems all I do right now is work. Work work work. Interrupted only to taxi AAH to any of the varying places she needs to go, like school, singing lessons, private tutoring, parties, orthodontist, solarium studio, or all of the above. In fact if it weren’t for AAH I probably wouldn’t get out at all. I’d be sitting at the kitchen table all day long with my head stuffed full of concepts like ‘net cash flow from operations’, ‘expenses excluding depreciation and financial items’, ‘operating income on a cash basis, ‘working capital provided by operating activities’ … until it exploded and spewed ‘cash’ and ‘dividends’ all over the kitchen.

It’s annual report season, you understand. And if you are a semi-large Icelandic corporation, want to be listed on the Iceland Stock Exchange and indeed want to be taken seriously at all, you are required to have your annual report in English and not only in English but in fairly decent English. Enter YT and her ilk.

I didn’t work over Easter at all [and felt very smug about it], but both before and after it’s been fairly hectic and this weekend both Saturday and Sunday are being treated as normal working days because I’ve got deadlines next week. Which makes me a fairly normal Nicelander, because over here people tend to treat weekends like working days anyway [if you gotta work, you gotta work] and YT tends to be an anomaly for clinging to her foreign ways and insisting on having weekends off. See, the ‘fishing society’ is so ingrained in the people here that the old days in which everybody worked their asses off when the trawlers came in so as to process and preserve the catch – and then took time off when the trawlers were out at sea – is still very much present in the national psyche. Only – people fail to realize the fact that the financial services industry and suchlike has very little to do with trawlers and fish, and working like mad on weekends and holidays really doesn’t deliver very much in terms of salvaging valuables.

Why am I telling you this? I do not know. It’s late – and EPI just had a good laugh in the living room which has incited my curiosity. Turns out he was flicking through the TV channels and the porno movie currently being shown on Blue Hustler is called ‘Desperate Housewhores #03’. HAR! Too bad we don’t buy that station, I’m sure the pornographic versions of Bree, Susan, Gaby et al are something to behold and might even be more interesting than the originals.

Oh man it has been dreadful lately, which in turn has been very good for YT’s sitting at the kitchen table working. The only drawback has been that I’ve been afflicted with severe endorphin withdrawal several times because it’s been too rainy/stormy to venture outside. Believe me, I’m getting it down to a science, the skill of going for a run in between low pressure areas. You have to pick just the right moment, when it slows down every so slightly and before it starts to blow hard again. Someday I may be able to teach a class on it. We’re about to be hit with another low pressure area right now [I can hear it with mine finely-tuned ear] and temps are currently 7°C [45F], sunrise will be at 06.01 and sunset at 20.57. Yowsa.



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