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Just make sure you wash them off before you enter the pool

Ah, yes, dear readers. The latest googlie searches: floating refuse from the dark, aquatic depths of cyberspace. Read them and weep.

~ The “porno dog” brigade was out in all its barking glory, with slight variations on a theme:

dog end vomen porn [Ankara, Turkey]

vomen end dog porn [Urfa, Turkey]

dog porno . com [USA]

porno doog [Croatia]

what ever happened to the porno dog [anyone? – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania]

pono dog [Budapest]

porns dog [Berlin]

Poro dog [Izmir, Turkey]

~ There were those seriously afflicted with swimming pool anxiety:

swimming pool in reykjavik that you dont have to shower naked [nice try, but there’s no escaping the shower police, mwaha! – Banbury, Oxfordshire]

laugardalslaug pregnant [and soon there will be a squadron of baby laugardalslaugar – Lyon, France]

“wash thoroughly without a swimsuit” [yes, that is what the shower police will tell you before they strip you down. – San Mateo, California]

~ There were those who were very sincere in their quest for knowledge:

who needs the weather?-information [A question many readers ask, I’m sure. – London]

how to take a picture of your own penis [again?? You’d think it was rocket science already. -Marietta, Georgia]

how to get a flat buttocks [um, just sit there for a while. No, a while longer. No, a really long time. There. – Neath, UK]

should no sex be announced when you first meet someone [yes. Preferably using a microphone. – West Memphis, Arkansas]

~ There were those concerned with the finer points of Niceland and its people:

reports on iceland iceland [this is the place place! – Victoria, BC]

ice land porn [land porn. A new niche. – Venezuela]

iceland chick [the one, the only – Montreal, Quebec]

hitting on women in iceland [just walk up to one, put your hand over her boob and say ‘fuck me immediately’. We prefer the direct approach here. – Atlanta, Georgia]

What do they do in Iceland [a) pick their noses. b) sit around writing inane googlie posts. – Matteson, Illinois]

~ And finally, the unclassified remains:

sexy penis in virginia [there’s got to be one there somewhere. – Kingston, Jamaica]

because i sad so photos [I sad so too. We sad so together? – Riga]

cockatiel that won the west [coming soon to a theatre near you. Polly’s champing at the bit. – NY, NY]

my mother died [no way! mine too. – Croatia.]

~ That’s all folks.

Then we had a blizzard, then strongwinds, and now a little bit of sunshine. What’s officially known as ‘chequered weather’ here in Niceland. And which demonstrates that winter has not yet released us from its icy grip. Harumph. Temps right now 2°C [36F], sunrise was at 9.01 and sunset due for 6.22 pm.



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  • Hank August 7, 2008, 10:27 pm

    Thanks for taking time to entertain us…