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Killing me with your song etc.

Apologies if you’ve had enough of Sylvía Nótt because EPI and I were in STITCHES tonight when they premiered her new English-speaking [singing?] video for the Eurovision Song Contest. Quite possibly it’s totally local humor that nobody else in the world will get – who knows. At any rate it’s local enough for us to be rolling in the isles at the Björk references – the hairdo and It’s Oh So Quiet video – guffaw!

[Those not familiar with Iceland or Eurovision may not get their irony in the lyrics: ‘Eurovision nation… you’ve been waiting forever for me to save you…’ – a) Eurovision is unbelievably camp and cheesy and b) Iceland is ALWAYS going to win, according to the Icelanders…]

We both agree, though, that people will either totally fall for her, or she’ll go over like a lead balloon. Very unlikely that there will be any middle ground.

What REALLY got us though was the bit of video they showed AFTER the Sylvía Nótt one, which was Spaugstofan taking the piss. God I haven’t laughed so hard since… well since the video just prior to it. That one is going to be premiered tomorrow night and it promises to be a real treat, with one of the Spaugstofan guys in drag playing Sylvia replete with lips pouting and tongue sticking suggestively out to the side, and the other four playing her body guards and her back-up dancers, respectively. The part of the video they showed was one of the ‘backup singers’ dressed in gold spandex with gut hanging out and one of those sado-maso masks on, except when he tried to pull it off it got stuck on his nose. I guess you had to be there, but lemme tell you we were killing ourselves laughing.*

OK, that’s enough of that. On to more serious matters.

The weather was relatively cold today, as has been the case over the past several days. More frost and dry pollution-filled air, although thankfully there was a bit of a wind so we’re not all coughing with contaminated lungs right now. Presently there’s a bit of a wind and temps are -2°C but with windchill probably -10°C. Sunrise at 7.15 and sunset at 19.55.

* Incidentally, if you want to see what EPI and I were watching, go here, then click on today’s date [currently at the top]. There’s a bit of chin-wagging first about the US troops leaving [yawn] and then we have Sylvía.