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Little yellow art seed thingy

During last Sunday’s outing, EPI and I chanced into the Kling & Bang art gallery on Laugavegur. The exhibition they had one was called ‘Art Distribution’ or similar and basically consisted of a bunch of photographs of this little yellow art thingy in various different settings. On leaving – surprise! – we were presented with one of the little yellow art thingies and told to go away and do something with it. Anything. Take pictures of it. Leave it somewhere. Whatever.

Not until I watched Kastljós this evening did I realize the little yellow art thingy is actually a little yellow art seed. I decided to take it for a walk around the golf course. Behold:

Little yellow art seed thingy crawling into a hole

Little yellow art seed thingy on ice

Little yellow art seed thingy in a nest

Little yellow art seed thingy crawling into the old WW II British observation shelter.

The weather today was harmless – nothing to write home about, but not too bad, either. Gusts of wind, the odd sunny spell, temps around the freezing mark. And that’s where they are right now, 0°C, with sunrise this morning happening at 11.00 [Oh. I looked at the wrong day yesterday] and sunset at 15.38. And since it’s coming up Christmas, and everything around here revolves around that now, expect more of that from here on in. You’ve been warned.



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