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Lock up your dogs

You know, not to bang on about this or anything, but my porno dog-seeking friend from Turkey just does not give up. Every day, several times a day, he logs on looking for ‘porno dog’, and each time he lands here.

Apparently he’s got a lot of kindred spirits out there. In the last hour alone, in addition to the persistent Turk, there has been one from Romania and one from Bulgaria. Earlier there was one from Italy [‘porno doog’], from Paris [‘porno dogg’], and one from Belarus [who at least managed to spell correctly].

God. There sure are a lot of sickos out there. Still, I suppose things could be worse. I could be Heather Armstrong.

It’s still snowing on and off. Wet, slushy snow. Awful earlier when I went for my run, got pelleted in the face with hail and rain so that the expression of utter misery froze right on my face like a mask. Right now 2°C [36F] and I should be in bed but am waiting for little miss AAH to get home from an árshátíð [yet another – this time courtesy of her employer]. It’s her first vaguely ‘adult’ event. Although not ‘adult’ in the p.d. sense you understand. [Sheesh! Can you even believe I wrote that? They’re getting inside my head I tell you, GAH!] Sunrise today at 7:44 and sunset at 19.30.



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