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Lost in direct translation?

Icelandic has a lot of funny sayings that people use in day-to-day discourse, which become even better when translated into English.

It lies in the eyes upstairs
Það liggur í augum uppi
[i.e. It’s obvious]

The raisin at the end of the hot dog
Rúsínan í pylsuendanum
[i.e. when something happens that tops something that’s good]

Thank you for the warm words into my garden
Þakka þér fyrir hlý orð í minn garð
[i.e. thanks for the kind words]

I come completely from the mountains
Ég kem af fjöllum
[i.e. I don’t know what the hell is going on]

He stood on the duck
Hann stóð á öndinni
[i.e. when someone is so astonished or excited that he can’t speak]

He gave me under the leg
Hann gaf mér undir fótinn
[i.e. when someone’s flirting with you]

She’s completely out driving
Hún er algjörlega úti að aka
[i.e. she’s ‘out to lunch’]

Now no mitten-takes will do!
Nú duga enging vettlingatök!
[i.e. we’ll have to put some effort into it!]

On with the butter!
Áfram með smjörið
[i.e. get on with it!]

Everything walks on the back-legs
Það gengur allt á afturfótunum
[i.e. nothing is going right]

Light winds from the south-west, mild [8°C] with showers. Very good for the vegetation so this blue island is looking decidedly green these days. Seriously overcast, but we don’t mind because there’s hardly any wind. The sun came up at 03.25 and will set at 23.28. Day’s still getting longer!



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