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Mancolds and girliecolds

I’ve done d*ck all today as far as work goes and am feeling semi-guilty about it. In fact, I’ve done very little else than surf t’Internet like a zombie. My excuse is that I’ve got a cold. Sound plausible enough?

It’s AAH’s fault. She spent all of last week at home with a cold and low-grade fever. Triumphantly I used this as an excuse to drive home the points that I can never stress enough, namely: a) she doesn’t get enough sleep, b) she doesn’t eat well enough, c) she doesn’t dress warmly enough. Hence she’s sick. If only she did as her mother tells her to do she wouldn’t be in this mess, andsoonandsoforth.

I, on the other hand, follow my own advice in all of the above, virtually to a fault. So why am I sick? Does that mean my clever arguments don’t hold water?*

Meanwhile, EPI has just arrived home from work early on his bike, clad in his superduper neon cycling outfit that he bought in Brooklyn. He staggered in holding his head, complaining of severe chills and the worst headache in the world – so bad, in fact, that he managed to forget his keys and his cell phone on his desk at work [he’s just taken the car to go get them].

In other words, EPI and I are both sick, only EPI has a mancold so he’s automatically sicker.

EXCITING NEW UPDATE! – Ladies and Gents: I give you The Mancold Video. [Thanks Cat!]

And despite having had the mutha of all sore throats last night I went out for a walk to the grocery store [because I only have a girliecold]. Plus I know I’d feel a helluva lot worse if I stayed inside. The riskiest thing about going out, though, was the ice on the streets – it’s been like that for two days now and apparently the ER at the National Hospital was overrun yesterday with people who had crashed and broken something or other. Without checking I’d say it’s hovering around the freezing mark at the moment ………………….. wrong, it’s actually a balmy 3°C [37F] and the sun came up at 10.36 am, and set a few minutes ago at 3.54 pm.

* Negative, because I don’t have a fever.



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