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Midsummer night magic

So, EPI and I went out to Grótta last night at to see if we’d find any magic stones. It was midsummer night and according to Icelandic folklore, magic stones abound on that night – if you find one, you can make a wish, and your wish will come true.

Alas, we found none. Neither did we see any people rolling around nekkid in the dew [supposed to heal whatever ails you], nor any seals stripping off their skins [they were believed to be humans in disguise and to only be able to shed their skins on that night], nor cows talking.

We did get a picture of the sky, though, taken at 1.15 am…

That’s what it looks like in midsummer. The sun had actually set about an hour earlier, but being so far north, it only dips just below the horizon, before it starts to rise again. About an hour and a half after that picture was taken, we would have had brilliant sunshine again, only I wasn’t there to witness it because by then I was sleeping on my green ear*. With a sleep mask on, because in contrast to most Nicelanders I’m a total wuss when it comes to sleeping in the light.**

The weather has been gorgeous these past few days, particularly yesterday when there was barely a cloud visible in the sky. Today was slightly more overcast but with occasional sunny spells and just the slightest breeze, with highs around 15°C. Right now 12°C [52F] with sunrise at 2.57 am and sunset at 12.03 am.

* Nicelandic idiom, as most of you will already know.
** As opposed to EPI, for instance, who rarely even draws the curtains in the summer, and who will happily go to sleep with full lights on, if I’m reading or something.



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