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Moby and me

See that dark dot out there in the water?

That’s a whale.

See that dark dot out there?

That’s a whale, too.

See that thing in the water there? [not the boat]

… I don’t know what that is.

Here’s one thing I had never thought about: it is extremely hard to get a proper picture of a whale.

AAH and I went whale watching yesterday. It was a beautiful day, the sea shimmered steel blue and we saw loads of porpoises and minke whales [pronounced ‘minkie’ – who knew?]. That was vastly exciting for about the first few sightings, after which it became sort of ho-hum. After all, a brief glimpse of a back and fin is all well and good, but after a while, you start to crave a little more of a thrill. Plus something warm. Because there’s only so much stationery standing out at sea that one body can take before the old teeth start to rattle.

Perhaps the greatest thrill was seeing the lighthouse near my place from the other side:

… it may not seem like anything major to you, but believe me when you’ve been past it a zillion times from the other side it’s Very Cool to see it from a different angle. Particularly when that angle is out at sea.

Which means a good summer [not a bad one, as I mistakenly asserted in the last post]. Phew! Today we have April showers – it’s raining and there’s a blustery wind, and temps are 5°C. Sunrise today was at 05.35 and sunset is due for 21.17.