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More shameless name dropping

So old Eric Clapton has finally agreed to bring his guitar over to do a bit of strumming for the locals next summer. Around the campfire, like. Old Eric is a regular guest here in Niceland, visits every summer to indulge his passion for salmon fishing, but until now his guitar has been conspicuously absent. Apparently he’s been nagged ad nauseum every year to do a concert, and has finally caved. Just goes to prove that the power of the nag should never be underestimated. [As most parents will know.] Anyway, EPI’s all psyched – I daresay he’ll be the first punter camping out in line the night before tickets go on sale next month. And I’ll bring him coffee in a thermos – in exchange for a ticket, of course. Because I’m kind like that.

Meanwhile, word on the street is that old Keira Knightley will be strolling the boulevards of our fair city in a couple of days’ time, since her boyfriend bought her a surprise ticket to Niceland for Valentine’s Day. Now, whoever thought that splashing around in this great big Cold Puddle that’s been hovering over our country for weeks equals a romantic getaway sure has another thing coming. So Keira, darling, if you’re listening: BRING YER LONG JOHNS. You’ll thank me later.

It was freezing cold when I went out just before nine, but by the time I came out of my exam [much better this morning, yes, thank you very much for your kind and encouraging comments last post] it had turned quite lovely. The wind had died down, the sun had come out, and the temps had crawled just over the freezing mark. I’m crossing my digits that we’ll have at least a couple of days of above-zero temps to get rid of the rock-solid slab of ice that is now over everything and which makes it decidedly treacherous to walk, not to mention run. Right now -1°C [30F] and sunrise was at 9.35 am, sunset at 5.50.

PS – have I mentioned that the population of this country is 307,000? I bet we have the most famous people per capita of any country in the world. Just like we have the strongest men per capita and the most beautiful women per capita and the greatest number of castrated rams per capita. And the fewest paparazzi.