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Most excellent comment!

Sometimes I receive a comment on one of my posts that I just have to share with everyone. This is one such, from Col Matheson, who frequently comments here. Of course I knew nothing about Col before this comment, but I almost feel like I know him now. The comment was in response to this post:

How amazing to see views I have not seen for over 40 years ! and recognised instantly. It is the ones taken on the boat. I first saw the Fjords as a teenager on a trawler in the early sixties, and worked mostly there for the next five years .It was Plaice we were after at the Fjords, the best Cod fishing was further north or to the south of Iceland. In these days the limit was 12 miles but we did work closer at times. The cliffs were very familiar as they were nearly always in sight. We would shelter in the Fjords in bad weather,and only went ashore for repairs or medical reasons. Isafjorour was the main place for services.

The prices in the store amazed us although we probably just went in to look at girls, but sadly there was no communication, in fact in the years I worked at Iceland I only spoke to one Icelander and that was on my first trip when we went in to Reykjavik and the man who ran the Mission offered to post a card for me as it was a Sunday. It was to my mother,and I came across it recently. I enjoyed my time working at Iceland,it was similar in some ways to my home in the western isles of Scotland, but often wondered what was beyond the coast and the lives of the people who lived there, until 40 years later having retired and learned to use a computer, I came across a site with an unusual name… and just like magic…all was revealed!!

It’s comments like this that make my day. Thanks Col!

[ps – please keep your book recommendations coming!]



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  • CarolT August 4, 2010, 2:42 pm

    Thanks for posting the comment from Col. I enjoyed reading it. My daughter has been to Iceland several times and the scenery (seen through her pictures) is spectacular!
    Carol T.

  • Dumdad August 4, 2010, 4:13 pm

    The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman.

    A debut novel about a struggling international newspaper in Rome. I started it today and am already halfway through. A great read (so far). Brad Pitt has already bought the film rights of the novel. I used to work with Tom Rachman several years ago on The International Herald Tribune – a nice guy who’s a terrific writer.