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Newsflash: Iceland heals the lame!

Most heartwarming news item of last week: officials at Keflavík airport stopped a woman travelling from Paris to the US via our fair isle. The woman, who was confined to a wheelchair, was from Sri Lanka but carrying a Canadian passport, which aroused suspicion. While border control officials were off checking their records, the woman – who believed herself to be alone and unobserved – stood up and had a good, long stretch. D’oh!

She’s now resting comfortably at the women’s prison in Kópavogur.

Still cool, cloudy and breezy – the sort of weather that does not easily lend itself to imagining oneself in the tropics, despite our best efforts. [If the sun was out, it would be a different story.] It’s set to stay this way tomorrow during our June 17 National Holiday celebrations [TIP: massive all-day party downtown, leave your wheelchair at home, if possible] – current temps 13°C [55F], sunrise was at 2:57 am, sunset due for 12:01 pm … oh, I see Yahoo Weather is all confused – it’s not 12.01 PM but AM. HAR! Guess their computers can’t compute that far.



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