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Newsflash: Icelandic men addicted to Brazilian waxes

Fréttablaðið has a groundbreaking news item on its front page this morning: Icelandic men are addicted to Brazilian waxing.

“Since last year, men have increasingly woken up to the benefits of Brazilian waxing,” an employee at the Cera beauty salon is quoted as saying. “It sounds really painful, but it isn’t … when I was in Australia I was incredibly busy giving Brazilian waxes to soldiers. They were all really hot [i.e. the soldiers – ed.] and this was considered a normal part of looking good. Over here men are still using razors and scrapers. They don’t realize that sharp hairs form that are no fun at all,” she explains.

Men of all ages go to her for grooming – from age twentysomething to 70. “The thing is, those who try it become completely addicted to it. The hairs that come afterwards are so soft and everything becomes much more comfortable, the complete opposite to what happens when men shave.”

Now, this is really interesting and everything, and no doubt very useful for all those poor sods still fumbling around in the dark with their razors and scrapers, but – on the front page of a national newspaper? What’s the big news? Is it that those rugged Nicelanders, descendants of Vikings and Kings [and outlaws and criminals] have turned soft? Become Beckhamesque Metro Men, resorting to waxing their tools in gleaming beauty salons rather than chopping each other down with axes?

Or is it just inept journalism of the highest order? I ask.

We’ve had a couple of Good Days here weather-wise, a.k.a. ‘windless’. Days to be savoured, like a Brazilian wax. It’s overcast, though, and we’re in for rain or sleet later today. Currently 4°C [39F], the sun came up at 9.52 and will set at 4.31 pm.