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Newsflash: Ram groping excites world media

Yeah, so remember a couple of days ago, my post about the ram-groping contest? Evidently the word has spread around the world like wildfire and suddenly everybody and their dog wants to know more about groping rams. Especially everybody and their dog in the interational media.

But… just how would all those pundits know about the ram groping contest? I suspect YT is to blame. For the last while I’ve been writing little news blurbs for this website in the mornings. A few mornings ago, I wrote this item. A day later, I re-hashed it into part of this blog post. This morning, when I went to scour the online media for news, what should turn up but an item in one of the main Icelandic media, that went something like, “the international media is showing a great interest in the ram-groping contest and have tried to contact the organizers in order to get full coverage…” etc. etc.

The only way they would have known about it is through my little news blurb on the Iceland Review site because to my knowledge there has been nothing else written about it in English. And suddenly, hits to the Weather Report skyrocket as punters from throughout the world start searching for ‘ram groping Iceland’ or some variation thereof. So YT, completely mystified, follows one of the links. And what should I find, but the Times Online quoting my blurb almost word for word, without giving any credit anywhere, neither to the IR website nor the Weather Report. The Times frigging Online! Who one would have thought would have a little more integrity. Bah! [no pun intended]

suddenly there are hits coming in on a conveyor belt from this link. So of course I follow it, and what does it say?? “It’s Goat-Groping Season in Iceland.” Oh, give me a fucking break! Goat-groping?? You could spend five years in Iceland and not even see a frigging goat, never mind grope one! But it’s the sub-heading that really, er, gets my goat: “Unfortunately it’s not as exciting as it sounds, but there is a picture of a hot chick groping a goat.”


All right. Let’s set the record straight here. That’s not a hot chick. That’s my kid. [no pun intended] And in the blog post, if you bother to actually read it, there’s not a single mention of a goat, anywhere, Meanwhile, there are abundant mentions of rams, including this at the bottom: NB. Photo is unrelated to post content. Anyway that’s a sheep, not a ram.

Okay? Do we understand each other? Good. Now scram. [no not you. the guy with the link.]

And remained overcast and sort of drizzly today. By evening, though, it was beautiful, even if it wasn’t sunny – very calm and the sea shimmered with gold. Right now 12°C and the sun came up at 05.48 and went down at 21.09.



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  • Dale olafson April 13, 2010, 6:10 am

    Aaaaallldaaaa yourrr soooo fuuuunnyy! (me talking Ram) Pun intended!