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Last week, when Yoko Ono was here doing her peace column thing, who should also turn up on the ice cube* but one May Pang, who happened to be the woman John Lennon took up with when he and Yoko broke up all those years ago [she was actually their personal assistant, and it was Yoko’s idea to pair her up with John – oh those famous people and their ways!]. By all accounts May was just here on a regular old visit, but – get this – they actually booked into the very same hotel.

What are the chances?

According to a blurb on the Fox TV website [and reported in the Morgunbladid cultural supplement], they were both at breakfast one morning when May wandered over to say hello and congratulate Yoko on her column. Yoko was reportedly rather taken aback, but accepted gracefully. However, for the rest of the meal May Pang supposedly had to contend with perpetual glances from Yoko and her entourage.

Yup, for the first time there’s visible frost on the cars even now at 10 am. Yesterday’s weather was miserable all day – super windy and cold, but today it’s calmer and looks absolutely gorgeous. Winter is upon us, no question. Although in the past few years, winter has been capricious at best, sometimes delivering up summer temperatures even in the darkest part of the season. Temps at the moment are actually at the freezing mark Centigrade [around 25 F if I’m not mistaken] and the sun came up at 08.23 and is due to set at 18.02.

* What Icelanders call Iceland.



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