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Operation Nut Job: failed

It took a few days, but Polly the cockatiel finally got wise to our hazelnut scam.

She must have had an epihphany in the night because one morning she was up on her perch just jonesing to be let out of the cage. As she does every morning when she’s not excruciatingly busy on the bottom trying to hatch a clutch of nuts. It was a 180° turn from the previous few days when she had left the cage only every couple of days, and only out of sheer necessity because she needed to poo. This is because she resolutely refuses to poo in her cage when she has potential babies arriving. Such slovenliness would not make a good impression, no not at all.

So she stayed out of the cage pretty much all that day, only going back inside in the evening and tucking her nuts beneath her before she went to sleep. The next day was pretty much the same thing. And the next. And then she started showing the signs. Of her intention to go all the way and lay real eggs this time. Thumbing her proverbial nose at our foolish attempts to spare her the pain and agony of squeezing out unfertilized dud eggs that would not produce any babies anyway. Silly, silly bird.

I just hope she makes it. This egg laying business takes such a toll on her metabolism. The last time, she wound up like this and we had to force-feed her soft food and liquids so she wouldn’t die on us. Sigh. If she could only weigh up the pros and cons of the hazelnut solution she would see that we are so, so right and she is so, so wrong. Alas!

… but it’s getting colder. We’ve been so spoiled lately with warm temps and nice weather, but the weatherman sez it’s going to get cold this weekend, down to 2°C. Yikes! Right now it’s 7°C [45F] and daybreak was real early this morning, or around 3 am, with actual sunrise being at 4.55 am. Meanwhile, the sun’s gonna set at 9:57 pm.



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