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Picky picky

You know, by and large I adore Icelandic men. I find them open-minded, liberal, kind and hard-working, with no qualms about cooking, cleaning, or going out for walks by themselves pushing a pram. Plus many of them have an excellent sense of humour.

However – and again, we’re talking sweeping generalization here – they do have one extremely annoying habit. Are you ready for it? They pick their noses in public. Seriously. Icelandic men pick their noses. A lot. Especially when they are alone in their cars and think nobody is looking. Also while out walking and even sometimes while sitting in the hot pot at the swimming pool [ew!].

I mentioned this to EPI a while back and got a fairly indifferent reply … until about ten days later, when he suddenly broached the topic again to concede that I was absolutely right. He’d started looking around and sure enough – he saw men picking their noses everywhere!

Which is why I was fairly amused to see this piece of street art etched onto a sidewalk in front of an elementary school the other day. I mean – a nation’s art reflects its mores, does it not? Wittingly or unwittingly? – I rest my case.

Blazing sunshine and relative calm. Honestly – there is no place on earth more beautiful than Niceland when the sun shines – especially in summer. It’s clouded over now and we have mini-showers but it’s still very calm and – for us – warm. Temps 9°C [48F] and sunrise was at 4:14 am, sunset due for 10.36.