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Power to the wallet

So, remember that DV debacle a few months back? This one? Seems that was the beginning of the end for the hapless tabloid, because today it was announced that it’s gone belly-up and will cease publication in its current format, effective immediately. [They will continue to put out some sort of ‘weekend paper’ though.] Apparently the public spoke in the best way possible: after that national furor when something like 20,000 people signed a petition within 24 hours to protest that awful editorial policy, sales took a nosedive. Despite the fact that the editors resigned, new editors were hired, and a new-and-improved editorial strategy was implemented. And even though they tried their damndest to stay afloat, as evidenced by yesterday’s screaming headline, plastered across a pair of silicon breasts:

Prostitute advertises online

Ah, bless. I guess you have to give them credit for trying. BUT, no cigar, so… byebye DV. And don’t come back now, y’hear!

… At least if today is anything to go by. It was gorgeous – no wind [which makes any weather gorgeous here in Niceland], sunny, warm. Highs in the capital around 13°C and there was a sort of humid haze over the sea and Mt. Esja across the bay [very rare, here]. Meanwhile, they were up to 19°C in the east [in April – I mean, this is Iceland, f’rcryingoutloud, just a stone’s toss from the Arctic circle]. Meanwhile it’s set to cloud over tonight and then we’re in for rain which the weatherman sez will persist for most of this long holiday weekend [May 1 is Labour Day over here]. The sun came up at 05.11 and set at 21.42.

PS. How many perverts d’you reckon I’ll get coming through on google searches with that DV headline above?
PPS. That’s not why I wrote this.
PPPS. Honest.



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